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The Pro Audio Suite

A must listen Podcast if you're in audio or voice over. Our panel features industry professionals, George 'The Tech' Whittam, Robert 'Source Connect' Marshall, Andrew 'Realtime Casting' Peters and Darren 'Voodoo Sound' Robertson, plus special guests.

Sep 22, 2018

This week we have a special Co-Host. Jeff Silverman. Jeff is Founder, Owner and Operator of Palette Music Studio Productions (MSP), Virtual Studio Nashville (VSN) and Co-Founder of Palette Records with artist Debra Lyn. He is a veteran producer, engineer, songwriter, accomplished musician, singer and music/audio editor...

Sep 6, 2018

This week is our Source Connect special. Robert answers your questions about one of the most popular Industry standard ISDN replacement tools on the market. If you're a Voice Over artist with a Home studio, record foley for Hollywood blockbusters or anything in between, you need to hear this special.

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