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The Pro Audio Suite

A must listen Podcast if you're in audio or voice over. Our panel features industry professionals, George 'The Tech' Whittam, Robert 'Source Connect' Marshall, Andrew 'Realtime Casting' Peters and Darren 'Voodoo Sound' Robertson, plus special guests.

Each week we dive into topics that will resonate with Professionals and home studio owner alike...

Jan 20, 2020

Auditioning. That process that you have to get right if you ever expect to make a name in the voice-over industry. This week, Robbo, Andrew, and George take a look at the Audition process. Robbo gives his thoughts on what a casting agent might be looking for ina an Audition recording, Andrew tells a rather embarrassing story about his Audition call for one of the biggest franchises in entertainment and talks through his Audition process, and George explains his philosophies behind setting up a DAW for his clients' Auditions.

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