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The Pro Audio Suite

A must listen Podcast if you're in audio or voice over. Our panel features industry professionals, George 'The Tech' Whittam, Robert 'Source Connect' Marshall, Andrew 'Realtime Casting' Peters and Darren 'Voodoo Sound' Robertson, plus special guests.

Mar 22, 2019

George Whittam runs through the features of the latest piece of gear from Rode, the Rodecaster Pro with the panel, Robert Marshall, Darren 'Robbo' Robertson and Andrew Peters.

If you're a podcaster or a voice talent with a home studio this could be the perfect solution. 

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Mar 11, 2019

Whether you’re a voice talent, a creative, audio engineer or talent agent this is a conversation worth a listen.

We are joined by Detroit based advertising executive, Iain Lanivich to talk about online casting, remote sessions, in-house production, the future of voice over casting, the shift in voice overuse, union...

Feb 19, 2019

This week we are joined by Dan Woodall, Marketing Director at Rode Microphones. We chat about the revolutionary Rodecaster Pro, a complete podcast recording solution. We also find out about a great competition they have running at the time of this episodes publish,  where you could win everything you need to fit out...

Feb 7, 2019

Planning a podcast? We talk about all the gear and set up you need and the traps for young players. We talk mics, DAW, interfaces, USB mics, external recorders and setting up your space.

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Jan 31, 2019

Gerard is an Australian stage, voice artist, television and film actor, producer and screenwriter best known for his role as Deputy Governor Jim Fletcher in Prisoner. Often appearing on Australian television police dramas and soap operas throughout the 1970s and 80s, he is also one of Australia's top voice...